30 years of NKOTB signatures shirt

In November 2012, my brother came home from hospital and 30 years of NKOTB signatures shirt. I found myself heading down the self destruction path, drinking every weekend, not sleeping and in and out of hospital with kidney infections. In 2013, I started seeing someone who at the beginning was a nice person, but then they became involved in ICE and that once nice person completely diminished and the person I’d once known was no longer that person. I found myself in a very viscious cycle, in environments that weren’t safe , my mental health at an all time low to the point I had considered not wanting to be here. Everyone always said “you’re so resilient, and so strong” but deep down I was breaking inside and crashing hard and fast. So one night, I decided to stay in, not go out and party.

30 years of NKOTB signatures V-neck t-shirt

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