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Praying people Wake Up to the Fact the United States is under assault via GeoEngineering by the Military Industrial Complex! I pray peoples eyes open to the truth! Don’t listen to Kanye and that also means that you are afraid about her loss as well. Dee Easley how about we don’t listen to any pop star or celebrity when it comes to voting. We vote for the best candidates, not the ones we are told to vote for.

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Andrew Plyler that reality tv star is also a business man and is now The President of the United States of America. Show some F’in respect.  Maybe since Taylor is all the sudden so concerned about the welfare of those in the US, she could maybe mention those over 300,000 children trafficked here for the past decade to be raped. Nope, she’s concerned about people voting democrat. Mike, she literally said vote democrat. Not sure what speech you watched of her.

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