Hillary Clinton ho ho ho christmas tree shirt

Just maybe kids dont show respect these days because they have horrible examples all around them. This is an expert opinion, do with it what you will but don’t act like spanking is the only way to discipline a child. Not spanking doesn’t necessarily equal spoiled and undisciplined I know parents that spank and parents that don’t and the kids are all about the same behavior wise.
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CPS might as well open a case file on me right now because this Hillary Clinton ho ho ho christmas tree shirt isn’t going to tolerate an undisciplined child. Then how did all of us that recieve spankings, slaps, paddlings, etc grow up to be great, well adjusted adults. Nada; así que cuando sea necesario, mis hijos recibirán no una, si no tal vez dos nalgadas para que dejen ya sea de hacer berrinche en público, faltarle o faltarme al respeto o no hacer caso.