Official Cat mom cute shirt

I will gladly continue to vaccinate my children and Official Cat mom cute shirt I will always be thankful that my parents vaccinated me and I was able to live a disease free childhood. I will also continue to shutdown every uneducated person I find spewing hate and inaccuracies about a truly lifesaving miracle of modern medicine. I will also continue to help Moms who’s children were harmed by vaccine injuries navigate their way as well as the Moms who thought their child had a vaccine injury and instead find out it was a vitamin deficiency or a congenital disorder instead. That’s my job day in and day out. You should go back to school become a doctor and researcher and prove the world wrong. It would help the world and apparently your self esteem. I wish you luck in your endeavors darling, and don’t follow anything blindly not the CDC or your own ignorance either.