Stitch Grumpy but lovable shirt

No ones going to really be looking close enough to Stitch Grumpy but lovable shirt and that could have saved some of my favorite jeans growing up. I sew and I’m pretty good at it but if my jeans rip out at the crotch they’re gone. I will never understand why you would pay good money for worn out jeans or cut up perfectly good ones! See the one to take in the waist of jeans. Would this work? Because with my booty to waist ratio, it would be awesome if it did! There’s a song, by the Oyster band, a British folk group, about people in India stitching jeans with rips, getting paid a pittance for them to be sold in Western countries for extortionate amounts, this brings it to mind. That’s awesome. I had alot if Jean’s that I threw out mostly be because some ripped but watching this gave me some ideas that I’ll try out before I decide to throw my Jean’s out.

Stitch Grumpy but lovable Sweater

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